American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH): Strong Business Model, CBD portfolio, More Growth Expected


The OTC markets have been very volatile lately, and that could be great news for short term investors looking to score some bargains out there. Buying on the dip can help investors earn some good returns, especially if a stock has dropped in value as a result of the markets or short-term factors that won’t impact its ability to grow over the long term. The idea, after all, is to buy stocks when they’re low, then sell high.

The stock listed below is example of quality stock that have struggled recently but that still have a lot of potential and is good bet to recover from where it is today.

American Premium Water Corporation stock has fallen more than 70% over the past six months. It has recently hit a new 52-week low, as it has dropped below 0.01 for the first time since January of last year. The stock is trading at levels not seen in over one year.

That being said, the company has still been projecting good numbers, reaffirming its $1 million revenue guidance for fiscal year 2019. The projection is based on existing orders and future orders in the Company’s pipeline from its LALPINA CBD water, partnerships and co-branded product leveraging the Company’s proprietary Hydro-Nano technology, expanded distribution of Vanexxe, and other initiatives in the pipeline; a more comprehensive breakdown:

⦁ Two-Container Order: the Company received a two-container order from a distributor in the UK. The Company has begun delivery of order
⦁ US Distributors: the Company is in discussions with distributors in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Missouri, Nevada, Arizona and Oklahoma.
⦁ International Distribution: The Company is engaged in discussion with distributors in Mexico, Columbia, Australia, and Thailand
⦁ CBD Pet Water: The Company’s joint venture with LinkRes Pets launch
⦁ Hanlons Brewery: the Company is finalizing testing with Hanlons Brewery and is looking to roll-out the CBD infused beer by the start of the 4th quarter
⦁ THC Formulation: the Company is looking to launch its THC version of its proprietary Hydro Nano formulation by the end of this year in California
⦁ Vanexxe: the Company is in discussions with several big box retailers for retail and e-commerce distribution.
⦁ Partnerships and JVs: the Company has been engaged working with other partners on marketing, branding, and distribution in the CBD and non-CBD sectors.    

The company is also working on launching Prickly Pear, the CBD and CBG infused product formulated to treat the cosmetic appearance of acne.

Although investors may be discouraged by the stock’s recent fall, it’s important to remember this is a good long-term hold. American Premium Water Corporation has a strong business model, and with the company focusing on its CBD portfolio, we could see a lot more growth in the years to come. 


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