3 Cannabis Stocks Set to Benefit From Expanded Legalization This Year


As the mainstreaming of marijuana gathers momentum, a growing number of countries are expected to make consuming cannabis legal over the next few years.

Significant investments, improved distribution and refined marketing strategies mean theses public cannabis companies are only just starting to sprout. Cannabis stock investors are looking for the industry to deliver improvement this year.

With edibles now available across Canada, investors will be looking to see if Cannabis 2.0 can add much-needed topline growth to the Canadian cultivators. In the U.S., recreational legalization is expected to be a ballet issue in New York and Florida this year, which could reignite interest in cannabis stocks.

The recent start of recreational cannabis in Illinois and Michigan are prime examples of how U.S. multi-state operators (MSOs) can immediately benefit from having existing cannabis operations in a particular state. The state had an estimated $200 million in medical marijuana sales with research predicting sales surging to between $2 billion and $4 billion with adult-use cannabis legalized starting January 1.

The U.S. currently has 11 states with recreational cannabis approved with over 30 states approving various forms of medical cannabis. The easy path to legislative approval lies within these states with existing medical cannabis programs. A primary target being large states such as Arizona, Florida and New York.

High-flying and volatile cannabis stocks have caught the attention of both the Main street and Wall Street this year.For investors ready to jump on the hemp CBD bandwagon, there are a few potential stocks to consider buying at these levels.

Cann American Corp. (OTC: CNNA)

Cann American Corp. operates as a holding company for the sake of developing assets within the legal cannabis and hemp industries.

Earlier this month, the company announce an equity investment in Fly Beverage Corp.

Fly Beverage, based in Northern California, specializes in cannabis infused beverages for the California dispensary market. The company’s brands consist of Nectr and Matt’s High Soda.

CNNA is trading at a discount compared to other players. And several upcoming catalysts could catapult shares higher. In our view, a bounce is all but guaranteed. Use this to your advantage to make some money back. Right now, all of the fear and negativity is priced in. 

American Green, Inc. (OTC: ERBB)

Yesterday, EZ WEED has selected and purchased the company’s proprietary smart vending solution — called the “AGM” — as their “system of choice” for EZ Weed’s new business venture teaming up with prospective cannabis dispensaries throughout the nation.

EZ Weed is run by Managing Partner, Lauren Smee and backed by retired NFL Linebacker-turned-venture-capitalist, Lamarr Houston. Mr. Houston, who played professionally for the Oakland Raiders and Chicago Bears, recently visited American Green’s AGM facility in Gastonia, NC.   According to AGM Division Head, Lindel Creed, “It was obvious to me from the minute they both arrived at the AGM facility, that both Ms. Smee and Mr. Houston knew exactly which machine features they required for their venture and, by the time they left the facility, both were convinced that American Green could provide them.”

EZ WEED expects to purchase and supply the AGM Dispensing Vending Machines following their up-and-coming EZ Weed national launch and have already begun securing their location agreements with some of the top dispensaries in the US.  According to Ms. Smee, “Our partnership with American Green is vital in reaching our goal of becoming the first national and mainstream marijuana vending machine provider and service. The automation, humanless sales method, and intelligent vending capabilities of the AGM will allow us to scale for high growth.”

EZ WEED was founded in January 2020. The company came to fruition organically through a love of cannabis and Ms. Smee’s extensive knowledge in launching startups — with a new twist and groundbreaking sales method in the cannabis industry.  The average sales process in a dispensary can be anywhere from 15-45 minutes. With EZ WEED, the entire process, even as a first-time user, is on average 3 to 5 minutes.

Earthly Mist, like most companies in the retail sector, found itself in a situation when Covid 19 hit, of having to close its stores unless it found a way to continue to serve its clients without risking the health of its employees and customers. Store management came up with a solution to deploy their American Green AGM kiosks to carry out a complete transaction without any human interaction whatsoever.

Indoor Harvest Corp. (OTC: INQD)

Last year, Indoor Harvest Corp. (OTC: INQD) announced the development of the 2020 New Outlook Plan along with impending initial ventures/agreements validating Indoor’s approach to leverage a variety of factors making Indoor an attractive venture, merger, technology, partner through its public company platform.

The Company seeks to market its position in the capital market as a publicly trading company, with established auditing, transfer agent, management, market relationships, and shares that trade publicly, and other attributes, to have private companies with revenues, technology, contracts, assets, relationships and or other benefits, integrate with Indoor.

INQD is trading at a discount compared to other players. And several upcoming catalysts could catapult shares higher.

A few industries offer the long-term growth potential of legal cannabis which could ultimately mean that patient investors in the green rush are handsomely rewarded. If the snowball starts rolling toward a bullish event, the bounce buying volume coupled with the long buying volume from bulls and momentum traders could create an extremely volatile near-term spike in these three cannabis companies.

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