3 Psychedelic Stocks With UP to 500% Upside Potential


MindMed (OTC: MMEDF) is a psychedelic medicine biotech company that discovers, develops and deploys psychedelic-inspired medicines and therapies to address addiction and mental illness. The company is assembling a compelling drug development pipeline of innovative treatments based on psychedelic substances including psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, DMT and an Ibogaine derivative, 18-MC. The MindMed executive team brings extensive biopharmaceutical experience to the company’s groundbreaking approach to developing the next generation of psychedelic-inspired medicines and therapies.

Minerco, Inc. The Magic Mushroom Company (OTC: MINE) is the pioneering company specializing in the research, production, and distribution of psilocybin mushroom products (“Magic Mushrooms”). The SHRU coin A Blockchain token through the Etherium network to purchase psilocybin and cannabis.

The company inherited EROP Capital’s debt that had been accrued from previous ownership. As a result, Minerco’s new management team met with EROP Capital and completed debt settlement. In the aftermath of settling EROP’s debt, Minerco’s management also made a corporate decision to retire 477,000,000 shares back to the company’s treasury. Management is looking forward to having a stronger company with a cleaner balance sheet.

During the Sankofa Shareholder and Vision Summit on January 24, 2021, leadership announced that this upcoming year would be critical towards meeting their goals. Management expressed the plan to retire debt, acquire the equipment necessary for manufacturing 1m micro dots daily, complete the SHRU Coin, and find a U.S. location for them to maximize their production dependency in both the U.S. and Jamaica. In light of this week’s news, Minerco’s management team has successfully met the first of those four goals.

Global Trac Solutions, Inc. (OTC: PSYC) has expressed its intent and commitment to positioning itself at the forefront of the psychedelic revolution and as a resource center for discovering and understanding the latest research and business opportunities surrounding psychedelic inspired medicines. In conjunction with the FDA’s more open-minded approach to psychedelic medicines, and as several major U.S. cities continue to approve the decriminalization of psilocybin, investors are speculating that the psychedelic boom could be bigger than that of cannabis. PSYC is your source for current investment related news specific to psychedelic medicines and cutting-edge research improving overall health, moving this sector into the mainstream.


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