5 Telecom Stocks To Watch: AT&T, SurgePhone Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint And Deutsche Telekom


AT&T’s 5G rollout continues with a slate of new cities

AT&T (NYSE: T) has added 13 more cities to its low-band 5G network, including large metro areas like Boston, St. Louis, and Atlantic City, and smaller cities like Wichita, Kansas and Dayton, Ohio, bringing the total number of cities on the list to 32. The carrier continues to expand its sub-6GHz network, which has broad range but slower speeds than the mmWave version of its 5G, which thus far AT&T has limited to business customers.

SurgePhone Wireless Announces Launch of $30 Unlimited Plan

Surge Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: SURG), developer of the SurgePays™ Marketplace Network for convenience stores, bodegas and community markets that provide products to the underbanked, today announced the launch of the SurgePhone Wireless Unlimited Plan with unlimited talk, text and nationwide LTE data for only $30 a month, taxes and fees included.  

Anthony Nuzzo, President of Surge, stated, “The SurgePhone Wireless Unlimited Plan provides an unmatched value proposition for the market of 100 million no-contract “pay as you go” customers in the United States. We believe this disruptive product will attract more convenience  stores to the SurgePays™ Marketplace due to retailers looking to cash in by selling the retail SIM kits and additionally making monthly commissions from processing the $30 payments.  This product, along with our complementary $10 Basic plan rounds out our branded wireless offerings.  Incentivizing discounts for our customers using SurgePhone, the SurgePays™ Prepaid Debit card and our recently launched rewards programs will help build brand loyalty within our Surge ecosystem.”

SurgePhone Wireless is also offering a $10 a month starter plan with unlimited text, 16 hours of talk and 1 Gig LTE data.  These two plans are supported by one of the nation’s leading wireless LTE networks, offering exceptional wireless coverage and data speed. Customers can activate the SurgePhone Unlimited Plan in any unlocked GSM wireless device while saving an average of 50% off typical unlimited phone plans. Both plans are now available on www.surgephone.com.

T-Mobile ‘very close’ to blockbuster merger with Sprint

T-Mobile (NYSE:TMUS) and Sprint (NYSE:S) are in talks to reprice their pending merger deal. In April 2018, T-Mobile announced an all-stock deal valued at $26.5 billion to acquire Sprint. Currently, the deal is worth $40 billion due to recent share price gains in T-Mobile stock. T-Mobile is seeking to lower the merger deal price.

Deutsche Telekom announced “most successful” fiscal year in company’s history

Revenues of Deutsche Telekom increased by 6.4 percent to 80.5 billion euros (86.9 billion U.S. dollars) in 2019 compared with the previous year, the German telecommunications giant announced on Wednesday.

It was the “most successful year in the history of the company”, Deutsche Telekom announced. Adjusted earnings (EBITDA AL) rose by 7.2 percent to 24.7 billion euros while net profit increased by 78.5 percent to 3.9 billion euros.

Verizon to double the number of cities with its 5G mobile service in 2020.

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) plans to double the number of cities covered by its superfast 5G wireless network by the end of the year while expanding coverage in the areas where it already has service. The company said on Thursday that it hopes to offer 5G for mobile customers in 60 cities (up from 31 at the end of 2019) and 10 cities for home 5G Internet service (up from five). The carrier did not name the new cities. “We have the opportunity to continue our journey to be the leader on 5G,” Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg said at a meeting with investors in New York on Thursday. “We’re not only expanding markets, we’re also expanding coverage in all the markets.”

“This is a historic day for Deutsche Telekom,” said Tim Hoettges, chief executive officer (CEO) of Deutsche Telekom, adding that the telecommunications company had confirmed its “position as the clear number one in our industry in Europe with these record results.”


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