American Premium Water Corp. (OTC: HIPH) has established itself as Leader in the CBD infused Beverage and Cosmetic Markets


There has been a lot of investor interest towards the cannabis market as soon as the hemp farming, and the production and manufacture of hemp-derived products were declared legal last year.

American Premium Water Corp. (OTC: HIPH) is a beverage company that started in Oregon and expanding worldwide. It has a strong core business and it gives investors solid exposure to the cannabis industry with its LALPINA CBD HYDROGEN WATER.

The company recently entered into an agreement with Lynne Franks OBE, to produce women’s beauty and well-being product infused with CBD utilizing the Company’s proprietary formulation. The products to be produced included in the agreement are lubricants, facial revitalization sprays, healing lotions, and other products. The products will be sold under new brand that will be jointly developed between the Company and Ms. Franks. Testing will begin at the end of the month, with commercial sale targeted before the end of 2019.

While its added focus on cosmetics has distinguished HIPH from other companies in the space, it has established itself as leader in the CBD infused beverage space, which is part of the global nonalcoholic beverage market, which is expected to reach $1.60 trillion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., aided in part with the proliferation of CBD infused beverages while the global cosmetic products market was valued at $532 billion in 2017, and is expected to reach approximately $863 billion in 2024 according to a recent report published by Zion Market Research.

The Company recently announced that it has secured a contract through its UK subsidiary, which will generate over $833,000 of topline revenue. This is the largest contract for the Company to date, and puts the Company on a firm track to exceed its previously issued 2019 revenue guidance of $1 million. The european expansion of its LALPINA CBD HYDROGEN WATER will continue to drive solid growth while HIPH stock picks up momentum.

The stock has taken investors on a roller-coaster ride so far in 2019. Shares of American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) closed at $0.0070 on Friday following a 90% decline over the past year. The closing price was below the 200-day simple moving average line. The 52-week price range is $0.0088 to $0.132.

Ludlow Research Updates Opinion on American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) – Short Term Price Target of $0.05-$0.06 Based on Strong Global Demand for LALPINA CBD, reflecting a nearly 800% upside from the closing price on Friday. A recent expansion should help the company increase its revenues when global cannabis legalization spurs cannabis prices.

Ludlow Research Opinion:

The Company has become fully committed to become a diversified leader in the consumer CBD market. With the Company’s recent valuation, the acquisition and distribution agreements it has entered into, there’s no reason to believe that the company’s momentum will slow anytime soon, presenting a very compelling investment opportunity.


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