GD Entertainment & Technology (OTC: GDET) Shares Could Be Bouncing Back to Levels Not Seen in Months


We’re now almost half way through 2020, and it’s certainly been an eventful year so far. Cannabis dispensaries saw their sales soar by double digits. One company dealt with hour-long lines at its Pennsylvania stores. In California, for instance, daily sales were up by more than 50% during the first few weeks of March and reached a peak of 159% mid-month.

There are only a few names in the legal-marijuana sector that investors can look to with a short term upside potential. Among cannabis stocks, no name stands out more than GD Entertainment & Technology (OTC: GDET)!

Several upcoming catalysts could catapult GD Entertainment & Technology (OTC: GDET) shares higher. In our view, a bounce is all but guaranteed.

GD Entertainment & Technology (OTC: GDET) focuses on high growth industries to fulfill a diverse selection of premium products nationwide. The company currently manufactures, wholesales, and markets a portfolio of blockchain/financial service-based products. GDET strives to become one of the premier Cryptocurrency mining facilities that is client-focused and dedicated to creating a new standard in the Blockchain space based on security and transparency. GDET has also developed a strong relationship with suppliers worldwide to ensure future purchasing.

The company currently has two subsidiaries, DreamCard and HyperDigital Technologies, which both offer a selection of transactional-based products and services.

DreamCard allows users to create a customizable debit or credit card using its state of the art online platform. HyperDigital Technologies is the Cryptocurrency ATM sector of GDET and aims to secure multiple MSB, money services business, licenses in order to host ATM units throughout the country.

Right now, all of the fear and negativity is priced in. That means, in the short-term, GD Entertainment & Technology (OTC: GDET) shares have nowhere to go but up.


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