USA Equities Corp. (USAQ) is Well Positioned To Profit From The U.S. IoT Healthcare Market


The pandemic has put the health care industry under a global spotlight. Biotechnology and big pharmaceutical firms are front and center as the world races toward a vaccine for COVID-19. There may be many winners, and there may be a few losers, but the current crisis has reminded the world that we are living in a new age of science. 

Cures for chronic infectious diseases, targeted cancer therapies and gene editing are just a few of the breakthroughs made in the past decade. And more discoveries are coming. “The speed of science is increasing,” says Joshua Riegelhaupt, assistant manager of Baron Health Care fund. “That’s why we think this is the century of biology,” he says.

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid transformations since a few years now. Various technological improvements have been witnessed in the segments including diagnosis and treatment options for chronic diseases.

Technology is changing customers’ experiences and how healthcare providers work. Over the years, healthcare platforms have reduced the hurdles faced by both patients and providers. Digital technologies enable more efficient care and greater access for everyone, including the most vulnerable populations: the elderly, chronically ill, low income and rural.

The U.S. IoT healthcare market is anticipated to hold majority of revenue share owing to the presence of highly advanced healthcare infrastructure coupled with the early adoption of sophisticated technologies.

With that in mind, we set out to find stocks poised to follow new approaches in health care that can save costs and improve outcomes and USA Equities Corp. (OTC: USAQ) came out on top of our list!

On December 20, 2019 USA Equities Corp. (OTC: USAQ). entered into and consummated a share exchange with the former stockholders of Medical Practice Income (MPI) a Florida corporation. As a result of the Share Exchange, MPI became our wholly-owned-subsidiary. We are currently focused on value-based healthcare solutions, informatics and algorithmic personalized medicine including digital therapeutics, behavior based remote patient monitoring, chronic care and preventive medicine. The Company’s intellectual properties, products and information service portfolio is directed towards prevention, early detection, management and reversal of cardiometabolic and other chronic diseases. Our principle objectives are to develop proprietary software tools, devices and approaches, providing more granular, timely and specific clinical decision-making information for practicing physicians and other health care providers to address today’s now younger, obese, diabetic and cardiovascular disease population.

Virus crisis has accelerated the use of technology in the healthcare sector

USA Equities Corp. (OTC: USAQ) recently announced the launch of QHSLab, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

QHSLab will be brought to the marketplace through approximately 150 primary care practices in Florida. Physicians, nurse practitioners, and ancillary medical practice staff will be active users of this platform, utilizing its proprietary algorithm initially for selecting appropriate allergen immunotherapy treatment sets for their patient populations.

Primary care physicians are overwhelmed by the number of patients suffering from allergies. Allergies often signal other health related concerns, indicating an immune system that is going wrong. Doctors need easy-to-use, digital medicine solutions that save time and money, while delivering the right treatment to patients that need it. Through our AI-enhanced, physician-directed platform, QHSLab, we are increasing the primary care physicians ability to more effectively address the issues with their patients, while saving patients time and expensive visits to a specialist when not absolutely necessary,” said Troy Grogan, President and CEO of Medical Practice Income, Inc.

Fredric Pullen MD, FACS, an Allergy and Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, shared the following insight regarding QHSLab: “It’s so much easier for busy primary care physicians to have a software system that can automatically generate the patient’s allergy formulas for their appropriate immunotherapy, based on their allergy test results. It saves time and potential error which is a definite plus for non-allergy specialist doctors.”

There are over 450,000 primary care physicians, including licensed nurse practitioners, in the United States. Many are reporting higher rates of fatigue and burnout due to long hours, heavy patient caseloads, and declining practice revenue from a lack of healthcare reimbursements. Digital medicine applications are a critical component to delivering quality patient care and added revenue to the physician’s practice.

With the addition of QHSLab, not only will physicians be better equipped to treat patients, but they will also be able to sustain their practices with ongoing revenue through healthcare reimbursements, generating much needed new income per practice, per year.

Grogan also shared his vision for the future of QHSLab, “We already see future iterations of QHSLab that will prove exciting additions to this innovative software platform. We will be expanding our platform to help monitor and course-correct medical conditions beyond allergies such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, anxiety and arthritis for example. We will continue our mission of focusing on prevention, and patient wellness, while supporting the frontline of healthcare, the primary care physician. We recognize the significance of the primary care physician in the healthcare system, now more than ever.”

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